Chanel Paradoxal Dupe ? 2true #46 NOTD


I picked up this 2true beauty in Superdrug for just £1.99. Bargainous considering it bears a startling resemblance to the stunning Chanel Paradoxal. I thought I’d share some pics to see if you think it’s a good dupe. Sadly I don’t have ‘the real thing’ but know most of you have seen it by now!

Before I go any further, apologies for a less than perfect mani - I just painted my nails at top speed as an interlude from my work!


I took 53 pictures for this post *wipes brow* - all in attempt to catch the gorgeous duochrome effect in this polish.  I’d describe it as a dark minky-grey-auberginey shade, shot through with a bright pinky-purple duochrome. Honest, it is… and I’ll find it, eventually…


Not here of course, as this is in the shade. (20 shots on and I’m on the verge of giving up)


Oh - sunshine *grabs camera* - ok so you can’t see it ON my nails, but here it is in the bottle!


Do I spy a faint purple glimmer?  The sun is playing games with me now. Every time I’m about to snap it disappears behind a cloud.


Oh - purple glimmer in the bottle and a whisper on my nails… (in real life it’s as distinctive on my nails as it is on the bottle). The fact that I’m taking pics with my left hand isn’t helping, but the nails on my right hand were neater!


And finally… got it in 53… one duochrome thumb - nailed!

This polish applied so easily I was amazed - great pigmentation and it was almost opaque in one coat. It’s supposed to last up to 5 days… we shall see about that! 2true nail polish in Shade #46 is £1.99 at Superdrug and is much prettier in real life than my camera can capture! Do you like?

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