Transformulas Lip Volume ~ Results 30 days later


Transformulas’ award-winning LipVolume formula claims to lock in moisture and boost natural collagen without the use of needles, ‘clinically proven to increase lip size by up to 40%’.  The product should be applied 3 times a day for the first 30 days for maximum results. I started using this product a month ago, when I introduced it with this post – and promised you an update on my progress.


‘Transformulas LipVolume starts working immediately, producing semi-permanent results, so you don’t need to worry about the effects fading away. Discover the fresh breath sensation for your lips and the secret for fuller, plumper lips, less fine lines, and a more contoured, defined and sensual lip line.’


The matt silver tube contains a doe shaped wand applicator – and as I said before, I love to apply this product as the peppermint freshness and subtle tingle are really pleasant. I often apply it over lipstick with my finger as it adds a lovely non sticky shine and makes otherwise ordinary lipstick look a bit more special.

Here are the results – the first two pictures are from my original post, before use and immediately after the first application, when I did notice an immediate smoothness and slightly plumper effect.


And one month later…


At first I thought there was no difference, but when I looked closely at the two bare lipped pics, my lips do seem to look smoother now. I definitely notice a difference in the texture, more than the size, so while they may not necessary look bigger, the smoothness does seem to give a plumper effect. The contour of my upper lip seems slightly smoother – look at the fine lines at the top left of pic 1, (which have bugged me for a while) – I did make an effort to apply the product over these each time.


As you know, I was cynical about the potential of this product, but am actually quite pleased and would definitely consider buying a new tube of this when the first one runs out.  I’m actually more interested in what you think – do you see a difference and is this something you would consider using?

It costs £29 and if you do decide to try a tube, snap it up quickly as this month’s purchases of LipVolume at Transformulas will help support The Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Appeal.

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