Tommyguns Jasmine & Wild Nettle

TOMMYGUNS hair products are designed to help protect against the ravaging effects of the climate. I tested the new Jasmine & Wild Nettle range for thirsty, dry and coloured hair (not that my hair has actually been coloured for about a year, which I must rectify soon!).

These aren’t high end products, but are on a par with quite a few that I’ve tried.  Priced at £4-5.99, I guess they could be described as middle end!  Using these for around 6 weeks hasn’t diminished all frizz from my hair, but has ease it a bit, and made it feel clean, soft and shiny – without weighing it down.

I like the packaging – simple, clean and stylish, though their biggest selling point for me is the scent, which is absolutely divine! I adore jasmine anyway and love smelling it on my hair.

The only downside for me was the consistency of the conditioner, which is very runny, not much thicker than milk… I found it difficult to use for this reason, as I’m used to a more creamy conditioner that doesn’t spill through my fingers.


The Colour Save Intensive Masque is lovely and rich – you can see the lovely thick texture in the pot above.  I tried leaving this on my hair for about half an hour but didn’t find this made much difference, so went back to just leaving it a few minutes while in the shower and rinsing out.  I used this once a week and found it very nourishing.

Tommyguns products contain Abil® T Quat 60, an advanced new special conditioning agent with hair fibre protection properties…

“A clever new technical silicone with
no build-up effects, it has the ability
to stick to the hair shaft just where
it is damaged (and not to itself)… improves
detangling by 50% and adds
great shine. It can also provide
impressive heat protection and impart
improved colour wash fastness to
coloured hair – truly a Hair Hero
ingredient of the future.”

Tommyguns hair products start at £4.99, which I think is very reasonable for such large 250ml bottles of good quality product - and are available at Waitrose, John Lewis, Ocado, and

You can buy the same set of 3 Jasmine & Wild Nettle Tommyguns products that I used here for £17.00


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