Essie Carry On ~ Fall Mini Collection 2011


‘Carry On’ is the third in my series featuring the four shades in Essie’s Fall Mini Collection 2011. Incase you missed them, the first was Very Structured and the second, Lady Like.  Carry On is a blackened burgundy plum, which I adore.  It’s darker than I expected… in the bottle I didn’t expect it to be that much darker than Essie Angora Cardi (I’ll do a comparative post some time) but there’s a world of difference.


Like the first two shades I swatched, Carry On is much deeper in tone than it appears in the bottle.


This shot ^ was taken by the window (and highlights the less than perfection application, sorry about that!) but you can see that it’s a definite plum. 


Move away from the window just one metre ^ – and already it looks darker.


In the shade, above and below, it’s almost black, (looks the same in evening light) but I know it’s not – and I love it! To me this colour looks rich and glamorous and is 100% perfect for AW.  It’s also wonderful as an accent with any of the other shades and I know I’ll wear it a lot.


I try not to wear this on days when I visit my mum… to her, it would be black and she would thoroughly disapprove!  (She offered to buy me new jeans last week when I wore a distressed pair *sigh* bless her!).

Carry On is available as part of Essie’s Fall Mini Collection 2011 (4 x 5ml) at Beauty Bay for £11.95 inc UK p&p.

Any of you tempted to Carry On?

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