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Full, smooth, juicy lips are widely regarded as a healthy sign of youthful beauty. For those who prefer to avoid the trout pout route, a plethora of off the shelf solutions are readily available – from lip treatments to lip plumping glosses.

I have questioned whether any of these actually work after a few plump-lip-seeking friends despaired at their inefficiency or an uncomfortable sensation on application.

So when invited to review Transformulas’ award winning LipVolume, “Scientifically proven to increase volume, definition, hydration and condition without the sting!” how could I resist?
Transformulas LipVolume
This is how it arrived – succinctly packaged in an attractive matt silver tube, with a flip top box outlining full details from application methods to ingredients.

The product is available in 3 flavours: Cherry, Chocolate or Original Peppermint. Despite my chocaholic tendencies, I’m very happy to test the original!
It just feels like a gel-like gloss in texture and suggested usage is to apply on lips and surrounding contours 3 times a day for 30 days, then a minimum of once daily for maintenance.

I must say the product feels lovely on the lips… minty fresh and slightly tingly, but in a nice way.  I really like the sensation on application and it leaves a nice glossy finish.
Before pic ^
5 minutes after first application ^

Is it my imagination or do they look more plump and smooth already?  I know my lips are naturally quite full, but they are definitely not what they used to be. They were once smoother and fuller with a more defined outer edge. Plus they now have more creases in and around them (just like the rest of me! *weeps*).

Admittedly the scientifically proven claims about this product give me more confidence than a standard lip plumping lipgloss would.  I will report back in 30 days with a final pic and share my experience.
All purchases of LipVolume at in October 2011 will help support The Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Appeal. 

Have any of you tried Transformulas LipVolume – or any other lip plumping products – and did they work?


  1. I agree with Beth - your lips do look plumper.

    Sounds like a very interesting product. I haven't tried many 'lip plumpers' myself but this one's intriguing.
    Think I'll decide (whether to buy it or not) after your '30 days post' ;-) xo

  2. Oh I want to know what you think!! x

  3. Yes I should have said the gloss did make a difference Beth, but I think they look smoother too. x

  4. Initially I thought "they're just glossy" but looking properly, they're definitely plumper. I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on with it! x

  5. I'm really interested to read your final review on this product, I've tried it and have my own views on it so I'm excited to see what results you have with it. Jude xx @jadlgw

  6. You know what puts me off this? The packaging - I'm not a prude but it looks like a sex toy box! lol


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