UNITE & Babyliss Big Hair = Happy Hair

Left to its own devices my hair would remind you of a cross between Russell Brand and Worzel Gummidge.  Until a few months ago, when it has literally been transformed by a new range of products and a fancy device.

My hair type is individually quite fine but there’s a lot of it. Underneath it’s quite coarse, wiry and darker in colour - typical redhead hair.  It’s also curlier underneath and more frizz prone.  The top layers are finer and silkier but still frizz prone, lighter in colour and wavy. I get a few surface highlights once or twice a year, which I can get away with as there are a lot of different tones in my natural hair colour (not been done for over a year as considering growing highlights out).

I have tried a lot of premium hair products in the past and basically given up as I constantly felt let down by the results, so had resorted to anything I could pick up in the supermarket as nothing seemed to make much of an impact.

Admittedly I expect a lot from hair products and very rarely use anything other than shampoo and conditioner. After spending a small fortune trying to find my holy grail styling products, I find that most weigh my hair down.  I live in hope of finding a shampoo and conditioner that will do the job on their own – and now I have!

Let me introduce American A-lister favourite, UNITE…
Unite Moisturizing ShampooUnite Moisturizing Conditioner
The first time I used these products I was seriously excited as nothing had ever made such an impact on my hair.  It was so soft and silky I honestly couldn’t believe it and several months on I’m still in love.  It’s not cheap (around £15 per product), but my little travel sized bottles of the shampoo and conditioner are good value and still going strong as you only need the teeniest amount of product.

I used the Moisture range and while I adore it and it’s really helped get my hair back in shape, it’s probably a bit rich for constant use, so I may try something else next time – and there will definitely be a next time!

The products are free of:
Sodium chloride
100% Vegan
Color Safe

My second hair weapon is Babyliss Big Hair – a rotating ceramic hot styling brush.

I will do a separate tutorial on how this works as I know some people find it quite tricky to get used to.  I felt it only fair to mention it here as although UNITE products have improved the condition of my hair, I couldn’t get it to look like it does without the help of Babyliss Big Hair – it’s literally been a godsend!  These usually cost around £45 but I got mine on special offer from Argos at £35 around 6 months ago.

This is my hair after being shampooed and conditioned with UNITE and blow dried with Babyliss Big Hair…

003 - Copy (7)

And just to prove that my hair can look passable just washed & conditioned with UNITE, this is it dried naturally, with a spritz of UNITE Tricky Lite (50% Wax, 50% Hairspray for definition & hold) applied when almost dry and hand scrunched around the front.  It’s more of a casual, beachy look, but to me it’s pretty amazing that I can get it to look reasonably presentable without blow drying it at all!


Are you a Babyliss Big Hair or UNITE fan?  I know that what works for one may not work for another, but this combination definitely works for me!

You can read about the full range of UNITE hair products and view demos of them in action on celebs like Kim Kardishan here: www.uniteeurotherapy.com or purchase them in the UK at Beautique.com where prices for the small sizes I used (lasting 3m+) are:
  • 60ml Moisturising Shampoo £4.85
  • 60ml Moisturising Conditioner £5.90
Babyliss Big Hair RRP £45 – I got mine at www.argos.co.uk but Amazon and John Lewis are currently selling for £39.95 with free delivery.
*unite samples provided for review, opinions 100% genuine.*


  1. That looks amazing! I always saw the babyliss big hair but never thought it would work for me! I can't wait for the tutorial! xx

  2. Let me say this.......


    I wish I had hair like ths!

  3. Your hair is amazing when styled with the Big Hair styler :) really lovely x

  4. stunning sexy hair. and on the last photo, woah woah woah sexy girl! xx
    is it me or is it hot in here?

  5. Thanks for all your lovely comments girls and lol liloo!

  6. Great review Nic and thanks for dropping me the link on Twitter in case I missed it! I will have to check out the shampoo and conditioner. Always looking for a new sulphate free one as I just can't use them otherwise! These sound great and I don't think the price is that bad, I've paid more before :/
    Lots of Love, Mel xxxx

  7. Ah beautiful beachy waves. Your hair is gorgeous. x

  8. Gawd I wish I had your hair and haircolor, I am totally jealous!

  9. www.chionlinesale.com
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  10. ah! I was only looking at UNITE online yesterday....im soooo intrigued! im obsessed with finding the perfect haircare range so think ill be purchasing ; )

  11. your hairs pretty fab if i do say so id love hair like urs !! x xx


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