Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Benefit they’re Real Mascara officially launches in the UK this Saturday, 27 August, so I was more than a little excited to have the chance to preview this product and tell you all about it.
I’m know I’m not alone in my search for the holy grail mascara.  My own lashes, as you’ll soon see, are pretty much non-existent. I need a LOT of help to bring them to life. The things I look for, in order of priority, are:
  • volumising
  • lengthening
  • smudge-proof, ie no panda eyes (unless I’m lazy enough to sleep in it, which of course I’d never, ever do!)
  • non-flaking
  • non-clumping
  • long lasting
  • thick brush
  • glossy finish
  • non-crispy to the touch
They’re Real is my first dalliance with Benefit make-up and I reckon it lives up to the hype.  I don’t necessarily want to look like I’m wearing false lashes, but the likelihood of that happening with my very fine, average length, invisible lashes is pretty much impossible.
I know some people like lash definition without drama. If you’re one of them, they’re Real isn’t for you. Though I defy you to try it and not be impressed with the results.
I’ve been using this mascara for a couple of weeks now, as I usually find it takes this long for mascara to come into its own. Though to be honest, I was pretty blown away the first time I tried this.
The packaging in a pewter mirror-effect casing is rather glamorous, though still young and modern, with the name emblazoned in black & orange lettering. 

I also love the amount of info on the box – please click to enlarge pics.
The nice fat wand has my favourite kind of bristles with a little circle of ‘spikes’ at the end, which is great for reaching the very shortest of lashes or coating the lower lashes and providing lift.

Can you see the curved shape of the wand above?  It fits so nicely into the contour of the eye.  I’m not sure if it helps with curling or not - I didn’t really notice any extra curl.
Now for the scary bit… with great trepidation I show you my naked eye, with one coat of they’re Real on the other eye…
Quite a contrast, don’t you think?!

Both eyes mascara-d up (phew!). Also wearing Urban Decay Naked Palette eyeshadows.
In context of full face in natural light. Please excuse startled expression – (husband waving hot pans cooking next to me!)

As above, with flash.

And especially for a very sweet blogger who said earlier today that I should be more smiley in pics – you know who you are! Open-mouthed smile

All in all, I’ve really enjoyed using this mascara and received several compliments on my lashes, though not been asked if they’re real!  In my experience, it gives volume and length, doesn’t flake or smudge, lasts all day and is as easy to remove as any other mascara I’ve tried. If I had to pick a negative, it's that my lashes look a bit spikey with this on and don't curl as much as normal, but I'm on the lookout for a good eyelash curler anyway (recs welcome!) so that will soon be rectified.  I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this once it’s done.  I have poked myself in the eye with it a few times, but I can’t blame the mascara for that!

Benefit They're Real is available here

What do you think – and will you be trying this?


  1. Your lashes look great, I will have to check out the benefit counter

  2. This makes me want to rush out and buy this right now, I always find I suffer badly with panda eyes so to find a mascara that it wouldn't happen with would be a miracle

  3. gah, i want to try this badly, looks awesome on everyone i've seen rock it, you included. just so defined and dark!

    Vonnie of

  4. Great review very detailed. It looks like a great difference. I have many problems as allergic to most Mascara's but I may give this a try.

  5. This looks lush on, really makes a difference! I think the packaging is super cute too, little bit different and colourful.

    Pretty sure I'm definitely going to pick this up now :)

    Thanks for the review xx

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  6. Yay I tried this too and loved it - still wearing it. But did find it tricky to remove :(

  7. Yay! It's great isn't it? I find it takes a bit of effort to remove it also xx

  8. Yay! It's great isn't it? I find itrifles some effort to remove it also xx

  9. Love the look of this i really want to try it too xx

  10. WOW, I have to try this! The difference is amazing! xx

  11. Thank you! x

  12. You should try the Shu Uemura eyelash curler, truly worth the hype!...Your eyelashes look fab xx

  13. I find it ok to remove with Cleanse & Polish, though it did make my muslin cloth a bit mucky lol!
    Nic x

  14. Let me know how you get on if you do try it Debs! x

  15. @rachinald & @themakeupfairy it is a hefty price tag and more than I've paid in the past for mascara, but having used low end mascaras for the past year I did notice a difference in the product quality and brush.
    Nic x

  16. Amazing review! But Jesus! For that price, id rather get my eyelashes permed every month! :O

  17. I love the brush and would try it but the price tag puts me off :(

  18. oh fab - enjoy Claire! x

  19. Ohhh my husband gave me some of this - he helped out at the spitalfields launch party. Cannot wait to try it now, it looks great. Also have the urban decay palette - love it! C x

  20. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments - I hope you girls enjoy this as much as I have! :)
    Nic xx

  21. The elusive mascara. Seems that you found it. Will be trying it. Looks lovely on you.

  22. I keep seeing this doing wonderful things to lashes & am def going to have to try it, your lashes look very like mine so hoping for good things! x

  23. Wow! Your lashes look fantastic, I'm very impressed with the results I've seen on various blogs, I need to get my hands on this mascara! x


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