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I’ve just been reading some blogs about make up storage and I’m totally overwhelmed – and of course green eyed ;-) – at the extent of some people's make up collections.  Admittedly, since starting blogging my own collection has increased, but up until now I’ve always had roughly the following in my make up collection:
  • 1 foundation
  • 1 bronzer
  • 1 powder
  • 1 mascara
  • 2-3 lipsticks
  • 2-3 lipglosses
  • 2 eyeliners
  • 3-4 eyeshadows (individual or palettes)
  • 1 highlighter
  • 1 concealer
That is IT!  Is this normal/pathetic/modest?  I honestly couldn’t justify having more than one powder blusher in the exact same shade of pink, for example. At times I may have a regular mascara plus a waterproof one. Or a black & a brown. I’d never have 2 identical shades of red lipstick. I normally have one perfume, which I use until it runs out and then get a new one – same for shampoo, conditioner & styling product.  I’d usually have an average of around 5 nailpolishes.

So I’m seriously ‘WOW!’ that people have around 5 or more of each individual item – like 5 pink lipglosses, 5 foundations, etc – and feeling rather inadequate.

Part of me thinks ohhhhh I would LOVE to have so many products - I’d feel like a child in a sweetshop if all that was mine! And part of me thinks I’d panic if I had so much to choose from… like I’d have to use a different one each day so as not to be wasteful haha!

I’m the same when it comes to clothes, handbags, shoes and pretty much everything in my life. Admittedly a lot of this has been due to limited funds (though I’ve always invested in good moisturiser, eyecream and foundation even as a student ;-) ) – or maybe it’s  reflection of my upbringing, where we always had enough, but little if any excess. 

For some time I’ve been trying to streamline my wardrobe (another passion!) and invest in a modest amount of really good quality, stylish clothes that I LOVE and feel really good in, rather than hoards of tat picked up in sales ‘just because it was a bargain’.

I like to apply the same approach to my make up (more than skincare, which I rarely scrimp on). Just yesterday I bought a bargainous lipgloss, as I’d missed out on the Chanel Venus one I really wanted in duty free (which some of you heard me ranting about on Twitter).  I don’t love my bargain gloss – and didn’t even wear it today – which is most unlike me as normally I can't wait to use new products.  So I’d have been better saving that £4.99 and putting it towards the Chanel one, right?

Obviously I adore make up and beauty products or I wouldn’t be here now, writing this beauty blog.  I’d love to have more and like I said, have already expanded (ok, probably doubled!) my collection since I started blogging. It’s pretty impossible to read about gorgeous new products or tried & tested favourites all the time and resist trying them out!

Just for the record, I’m not being judgmental about people with multiple products at all...  just thinking out loud (typing out loud?!) my ponderings.  I’m curious to know if I’m the only one who feels like this and if those of you who have lots of products actually use and enjoy them all?  I hope you do – and can totally predict being reminded of this post and teased about how things have changed in the not too distant future! :)

Thanks for reading and do tell me your thoughts in the comment box below! X


  1. I don't have a huge amount compared to others but I do have quite a few seemingly replica products. My problem is, I am suckered in to buy something, I use it a few times and then chuck it in the stash when there's another 'gem' I need to buy! Every now and then I do go through my stash and rotate the products I'm using so most of them get a chance to be used!

  2. Oh dear, I have to confess that I am a make up junkie and I have been for years. I have tons of the stuff and in answer to your question, no I don't even wear half of it. I buy things that I see in magazines, that have been recommended by other bloggers, friends etc. Half the time the stuff I buy just doesn't suit me. I am a make up magpie and to be honest I think I always will be. Jude xx @jadlgw

  3. Loved your post my dear, and let me assure you that you are indeed a normal person! I actually don't know when I started becoming so obsessed with make-up! I believe that since discovering beauty blogs & YouTube videos, my make-up collection started to take massive proportions...and it's mainly stupid, because I feel guilty now everytime I buy something, thinking after 5 minutes:Do I really need this? So, you're defo a normal person, no one needs x5 foundations, x5 highlighters etc. ! THE END :D! xoxo

  4. Fab post - I don't think we're ever happy though - have a lot of makeup, but sometimes I feel totally overwhelmed by the sheer choice there! I envy people with a slimmed down capsule makeup collection!

  5. Just a few short years ago my makeup collection resembled yours, except I didn't use blush or bronzer. I guess I went a little nuts, and I blame Makeup Alley and online reviews/blogs, but I finally have things under control again.

    I think it's smart. No one needs two pink blushes or two charcoal eyeshadows. It's good to be discerning.

  6. Great post. My collection has been growing for some time now. It started with Specktra, then Makeupalley, then blogs and finally blogging myself. I don't like excessive amount anything though so I will frequently go through and giveaway or sell on things I know I won't use. Occasionally it sends me in to a panic that it will all go off without me making a dent in it.

    I do think my collection is relatively modest compared to other blogs yet it would seem massive to your everyday, non-obsessive makeup wearer. I am conscious of this and think about it before I make any new purchase.

  7. I hear you loud and clear! My makeup collection is quite modest and this year I've invested in nice foundation, naked palette, 4 mac eyeshadows and sigma brush set. The rest is "drugstore" stuff. That's doing me nicely and I always think while I'd love loads of lovely stuff it would be wasted on me! (I wholeheartedly agree with the clothes, shoes, bag thoughts too - currently trying to clear my wardrobe of a tonne of Penneys clothes that have gone to tat!)

  8. I'm like you in some ways! I only have one foundation, one setting powder, one primer and one eyeshadow primer, just because I don't feel the need to have more of those. But I have loads of eyeshadows and different lip stuff!

  9. I'm the same, I get a little green eyes seeing the collections of other people and to be honest, I do want more than I need but I do try to use things - I'm not very successful though!
    As opposed to clothes now most of my money is spent on make up and I seem to just want everything...

  10. I think this is often a bit of a bone of contention between bloggers as everyone has a different opinion on what is too much/not enough.

    I have my days where I really envy the people who have a nice, streamlined collection - just the things they really need but that wouldn't work for me as the foundation I'd wear for work is different than I'd wear out during the day on a weekend, which in turn is different than I'd wear for a night out.

    My own collection is bordering on huge, I'm a hoarder by nature and I'm in the extremely fortunate position that I've got a fair bit of disposable income and no kids. I don't go out on the lash every weekend, buy tons of clothes or shoes or go on exotic holiday - I buy makeup. That's my vice.

    I really like to have a lot of options and personally, I think its over simplifying to say no one needs more than one pink blusher but how many shades of pink are there? That's the thing with makeup, its not as if every pink blusher by every company is the exact same shade and finish. If it was I don't think there would be so many brands, the market wouldn't allow it! If you have a quick look on the MAC website (not my fave for blushes but they have great shade descriptions!), take a look at Pink Swoon and Well Dressed on the top row of shades. Both are described as pink but they're very different.

    As for whether you're "normal", if what you've got works for you then that's all that matters. Likewise, I wouldn't think myself abnormal because of the size of my collection. It's all a case of what's "normal" for you.

    Great post!


  11. Thanks so much for all your comments - they've made such interesting reading and it's really great to have such different viewpoints!

    @mizzworthy - a capsule collection - that's the expression I was looking for, thank you! :)

    @zuzu - yes I guess it's about being discerning!

    @modesty - I have the same concerns about things going off. You seem to have a very sensible approach really.

    @poppy - a good set of basics then experimenting with the 'fun' stuff - I like this idea! ;-)

    @beth - hands up: if I was in your position I honestly think I'd do exactly the same. There's a limit to how many I'd want of certain basic products, but I'd go nuts on things like lipstick/gloss and perfume. Oh and of course I understand re different shades of pink - I should have been clearer about that in the post. In fact I'll edit it now. I also get what you're saying about different foundations for different occasions, though that genuinely would not have occurred to me pre-blogging!

    I really don't think there is a right or wrong here; like lots of you have said, what's right for each person is the main thing! :)

    Nic x

  12. While your list makes complete sense I think how people end up with so much is that it's easy to trick yourself into expanding it
    1 foundation becomes 2 tinted moisturisers- 1 with spf, one without, one darker foundation for summer, paler for winter, a different one if you want a dewy effect
    1 bronzer becomes one matte for contouring, one shimmery for nights out, one with a little less shimmer for during the day
    It's easy to say to yourself that you don't have the same thing twice. Although I know I'm kidding myself and there's no way I need the 5+ foundations that I have!


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