Marc Jacobs ‘Oh Lola’ - now available!

MJ Oh Lola
Last month I wrote about the impending arrival of Marc Jacob's new Oh Lola perfume LINK and lots of you thought it sounded lush!  I smelt it in person for the first time today in Boots and thought I’d give you a heads up that it’s now available!
It’s such a pretty, feminine fragrance and the clear pink bottle is adorable. It has none of the pungent headiness of the original Lola, but is a really gentle, sparkling smell, which reminds me of raspberries and light florals. 
Has anyone else tried it yet – and if so, what did you think?!


  1. i saw your original post on this and was excited.. now I cant wait to try it myself! I'm contemplating buying it just for the bottle.. its sooo girly!

  2. The bottle is just gorgeous! I'll be giving this a little sniff when I see it in store xx

  3. Hi esteem & Zoe - it's pretty isn't it?! Let me know what you think if you try it!

    Nic x


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