Calvin Klein Taffy Pink Lipgloss: CK at TK

Calvin Klein Delicious Light Glistening Lipgloss
I picked up a pretty pink Calvin Klein lipgloss for a bargainous price at TK Maxx this week and thought I’d give you a head’s up as they had quite a large collection.  I was in the Belfast city centre store – and know good old TK isn’t always consistent across its branches - but there was quite a lot at well reduced prices, so it could be worth a look.
I was very restrained – sidelining the powder, bronzer, eyeshadow, lipstick (all this season apparently) – and only purchasing this gloss in Taffy.
Calvin Klein lipgloss in 'Taffy'
I’ve never used a Calvin Klein gloss before. Delicious Light Glistening Lipgloss #315 in 'Taffy' is of quite a fine consistency, not overly sticky or gloopy and is applied with a doe wand. It’s difficult to apply too much (yes I tried) but a second coat does make it look much more pink. It’s really quite sheer with just one light coat.
Calvin Klein Taffy swatch
It’s quite a cool pink, with lavender undertones and a subtle gold shimmer, barely detectable on the lips, but enough to stop it looking too ‘solid’. The packaging is light plastic in the usual CK style - simple and chic.
Calvin Klein Taffy - pale pink with gold shimmer
You can hopefully see the shimmer more closely here. ^
Calvin Klein Taffy, hand swatch in natural light

I like how it’s packaged in this little resealable clear plastic pouch.
Calvin Klein Taffy lip swatch, with flash

And in context on my wee tired face, at the end of a very long, long day (can't believe I'm including this)!

This cost me £4.99 instead of the usual £12.00. The cheapest I have found it online is at Lavish for £7.95 exc p&p. Have you used any Calvin Klein glosses or other make-up that you'd recommend?


  1. You look lovely hun, despite the tiredness :D! I have two of these in different shades, they're quite lovely shades! xoxo

  2. That shade looks so pretty on you! I'll have to look out more at TK Maxx...

  3. That looks a gorgeous shade x

  4. Thanks girls you are too kind. Stina this would really suit you I reckon!

  5. Gorgeous LOTD and excellent swatches and pictures!

  6. i spotted these the other day was going to purchase but they had all been opened :( looks gorg on you hun x x

  7. It looks awesome!! :) great blog im your new follower,i hope you'll follow back :)

  8. Such a cute pink!! They never have any good stuff at my local TK Maxx tho :( xx

  9. It is good color but i like a little peach mixed shade


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