Butterfly Blog Award

I was so chuffed to receive the Butterfly Award for blogging from the very lovely Andrea at Artdonatella, who has been extremely kind and supportive to me since I started blogging.

Award Rules
  • Write a random fact about yourself
  • Pass the award on
  • Notify the bloggers you nominate

Random Fact
I love to paint. It's not something I get the opportunity to do very often these days, but I really do love it and am keen to take it up again.  I  enjoy working with oils, acrylics and watercolours and have exhibited in the past.  The most recent piece I did was a mural at a soft play area, though I usually prefer to work on a smaller scale! 

Choosing who to pass this award onto hasn't been easy, as there are so many amazing blogs out there, but I've narrowed it down to three... 

First up is Pretty Diamond Solitaire who I'd like to congratulate for reaching 500 followers today!  Zoe has the biggest nailpolish collection I've ever come across and her gorgeous blog is filled with the most beautiful swatches, reviews and hauls. 

Secondly, Super Gorgeous, whose name sums her and her blog up perfectly! Alice is a professional photographer as well as a beauty blogger and it shows in her pics. I'm always envious of her impeccable nails and in addition to product reviews and swatches she is an extremely entertaining vlogger!

Thirdly, Lou Lou Muses, a fellow new beauty blogger who loves nothing more than to chat about beauty, style and random loveliness.  Please go check out her blog and look out for her on Twitter!

Please take a moment to look at these lovely blogs and follow them!


  1. You paint my lady? I like to think I paint too :D, isn't that fabulous? I would love to see some of your work!


  2. Well done on your award hun. I hope you are going to show us some of your art work on your blog in the very near future, would love to see it. Jude xx

  3. Thank you very much, how exciting! Going to have to have a think about who I will nominate now :) x

  4. Thank you so much for this. It is much appreciated! :) xx

  5. You're very welcome lovelies! And yes girls I do paint - it's just been something I've neglected badly of late!


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