Beach Body Blitz Part 3 - Neon Holiday Nails!

My nailpolish habits are usually quite predictable...

Winter - chocolate brown, burgundy, red
Summer - coral, tangerine, pink
Anytime - nude, pink or taupe

I love nail polish, always have done. Even as a child I'd colour my nails with felt tips as I wasn't allowed polish. I've just never been wildly experimental with it!

So for this year's summer hols, I wanted something a bit different and was slightly giddy to discover Orly's neon pink 'Oh Cabana Boy'.  I've never had a neon anything in my life, but I'm in love and just can't stop staring at my nails!

Application - This is the first time I've tried an Orly polish and it won't be the last... the silky smooth, richly pigmented formula gave full coverage in two coats. You could probably get away with one - and I always quite like the subtlety of a single coat - but two looks more finished and gives a more in-your-face fluro effect! The rubberised handle helps control the application too.
Orly 'Oh Cabana Boy'
Colour - I found it difficult to capture the full fluro effect in these images. The neon pink has a very subtle electric purpley blue shimmery undertone in certain lights, which I just love.  It's a bit 80s Spandex meets Barbie and while I wouldn't wear it on my hands everyday, I reckon it's perfect for holidays and will look great with a tan!
semi matte finish
Finish - I'm surprised how much I love the semi matte finish, though I know not everyone would. I applied Orly Top 2 Bottom base and top coat on my left hand, so that you can see the effect both with and without. I must admit a couple of days later the nails on my glossy topcoat hand were still immaculate, whereas the others had started to chip a bit, so I'd probably succumb to the glossiness for this reason!

Glossy finish - you can see the purple shimmer here
With glossy topcoat, Orly Top 2 Bottom
I was using a mini sized bottle (5.3ml) but you can purchase the full size (18ml) at Beauty Bay for £6.95, which I think is a great price!


  1. Wow what a gorgeous color!

  2. Beautiful colour, very summery. Jude xx @jadlgw

  3. that is a very pretty pink!

  4. Such a nice colour and I love your photos x

  5. This color looks so good on you! I gave up on neons, they just don't work with my pasty skin.

    By the way, I used to paint my nails with felt markers too when I was a little girl because black nail polish didn't exist! LOL

  6. Thanks everyone - I'm glad you like this colour as much as I do!

    Olivia, I don't think I dared use a black felt tip on my nails! ;-)


  7. I absolutely love the color! It just says "Summer is Here!" lol

    Come drop by my blog when you get a chance :)

    Lots of love



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